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  1 Legal services on cooperative issues
• Preparation of documents to establish a legal entity, to provide the initial registration of a legal entity to the relevant state registration authority
• Drafting (in conjunction with the expansion of core business entity) of the constituent documents of new legal entities, branches and offices, providing them to the relevant registration authorities, as well as all the necessary legal services and representation functions for state registration.
• Providing comprehensive legal services in connection with the reorganization (merger, acquisition, division, separation, and conversion), removal or temporary suspension of the legal entity.
• Preparation and registration of internal documents of the legal entity in accordance with laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the examination of existing documents, the elimination of inconsistencies in them.
• Organization of human resources work and verification of documentation (employment contracts, orders, decisions, protocols, etc.) in accordance with labor laws of the Republic Azerbaijan.
• Providing councils on legal issues arising in the course of business of a legal entity.
• Participation in the preparation of various projects and conclusion of various contracts by the legal entity, to supervise the implementation of contracts and sanctions provided by law and the contract.
• Resolution of corporate disputes in the courts and out of court.
• Purchase and sale of securities, providing councils and oversight on matters of business
• Analytical review of the legislation on corporate law, privatization, and securities.
• Obtaining licenses, the state registration of trademarks, copyright protection, compliance with the law in the field of advertisement, the provision of legal services in regard with the implementation of the mechanism of legal action against illegal competition.

2 Legal services in banking:
• Direct participation in the preparation, negotiation and execution of contract terms to provide loans (secured and confidential), including consumer and mortgage.
• Contracts on bank accounts of individuals and legal entities, as well as the opening and maintaining correspondent accounts, legal review documentation received.
• Inspection of the contractual relationship governing the different types of banking activities in accordance with the current laws.
• Request to demand payment of the debt on troubled loans, and to protect the rights of the bank in the courts.
• Implementation of official functions in the performance of judicial decisions, to ensure payment of a debt.

3. Legal services in the field of tax disputes:
• Legal review of decisions of tax authorities.
• Providing legal services for tax audits, and drafting complaints on acts of tax audits and decisions to prosecute the taxpayer.
• Legal services for pre-trial resolution of tax disputes.
• Representation in court (nullification of acts of tax authorities, appeal the actions of officials, collecting court costs from the tax authorities, etc.).
• Claim overpaid taxes to the state budget.
• Return of VAT

4. Legal services in real estate (land, house, non-residential premises, apartment, etc.)
• Legal examination of the status of real estate (documents the right to property, sales contract, lease, etc.), verification of compliance with existing legislation.
• Preparation and submission of documents necessary for registration of ownership of real estate property.
• Representing the owner of rights on services of all kinds in State Registry.
• To provide legal services regarding changing the status of real estate.
• Planning purchase and sale of real estate property, the assessment of risks and potential adverse outcome from the implementation of the sales transaction, advising on the avoidance of these results.
• Acquire the necessary documents to conduct real estate transactions, drafting contracts and other documentation, and provide these documents to government agencies.
• Exercise the functions of legal representation and protection in the process of pre-trial or judicial resolution of the dispute relating to real estate.

5. Legal Services on Migration.
• Preparation of documents for obtaining a permit for temporary residence in the Republic Azerbaijan for foreign citizens, and providing comprehensive legal services for obtaining a permit.
• Legal services for the adoption, recovery and withdraw from citizenship of the Republic Azerbaijan.
• Providing services with regard to obtaining the right of permanent residence (immigrant) in the Republic Azerbaijan for foreigner citizens.
• Providing services to foreign citizens on the extension of temporary stay in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan
• Providing services to foreign citizens with regard to obtaining permission to engage in paid employment activities on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
• Inspection compliance with the law sanctions applied by public authorities related to migration activities, and protection of the customer in a pre-trial and during trial.

6. Drafting and analysis of civil law contracts
• Sale and Purchase Agreement.
• Supply Contract.
• Sales contract claims and other rights
• Treaty of factoring.
• Barter agreement.
• The contract of donation.
• Contract recruitment of the property.
• Lease Agreement.
• Franchising contract.
• Contract of commercial concession.
• Contract on gratuitous use.
• Loan contract.
• Agreement on granting of credit.
• Mortgage agreement.
• Guarantee contract.
• Leasing contract.
• Work contract.
• Agency agreement.
• Brokerage contract.
• Agreement on trade mission.
• Concession contract.
• Commission Agreement.
• Storage agreement.
• Contract of carriage of passengers.
• Contract of freight services.
• Agreement on granting tourist services.
• Contract of rent.
• Contract of reconciliation.
• Contract of bank account.
• Insurance contract.
• Marriage contract.
• Alimony contract.
• Other civil law contract.

7 Legal services on civil cases
• Compensation for material and moral damages.
• Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.
• Addressing issues related to legal capacity of an individual.
• Providing services for the recognition of an individual who died or disappeared.
• Acquisition, recognition and denial of property rights and other proprietary rights (the right to use, etc.).
• Protection of property, seizure of property from illegal possession.
• Restriction of property rights (right to the neighborhood, easements, etc.).
• To deal with illegal constructions, the elimination of their consequences or the recognized laws of construction.
• Resolution of disputes relating to liens and mortgages.
• Recognition of valid or invalid, the various types of transactions (contracts, etc.).
• Resolution of disputes related to the execution, modification, termination of contractual obligations or eliminating the consequences of refusal to fulfill obligations.
• The use of measures of liability provided by law or contract due to failure of contractual obligations.
• Solution of disputes related to security (guarantee, detention, etc.) of contractual obligations.
• Solution of disputes related to obligations arising from civil violations.
• Resolution of disputes relating to recognition of the rights of heirs, adoption, division of inherited property, deprivation of inheritance law, deal with all other disputes relating to inheritance, both legal and the will.
• Divorce and annulment.
• The solution to the dispute regarding the custody and support of the children.
• Divorce and annulment.
• Resolving disputes about child support.
• Division of jointly acquired property.
• Establishing paternity.
• Exercising the right to communicate with children.
• Protecting property rights of the child.
• Resolution of disputes related to the exercise of parental rights.
• Resolving disputes involving deprivation or restriction of parental rights.
• Adoption of children, custody and guardianship of children.
• Solution residential disputes (protection of rights to the apartment, installation and eviction, etc.).
• Solution of land disputes (protection of land rights, removal of persons illegally seized land, restoration of rights, etc.).
• Solution of labor disputes (involving an employee to work without a labor contract, unfounded dismissal from work, resumption of work, collecting money over enforced absence, etc.).
• Settlement of disputes related to the protection of consumer rights.
• Settlement of disputes related to environmental protection.
• Settlement of disputes related to the protection of copyright and related rights.
• Settlement of all other disputes.

8 Legal services in the field of administrative and economic disputes:
• Settlement of civil (contract enforcement, etc.), administrative and other disputes between legal entities or individuals engaged in entrepreneurship without establishing legal entity.
• Challenging decisions taken by public authorities relating to the rights and duties (the appeal of the decision to involve to administrative responsibility of the driver, the administrative liability of the taxpayer, the refusal of a pension, etc.).
• Settlement of disputes related to the imposition of certain obligations on the administrative authority or to the protection of the omissions of the administrative authority.
• Disputes relating to the protection against unauthorized interference of the administrative body, accompanied by violation of the rights and freedoms of individuals.

9 Legal services in criminal cases:
• Preparation of legally justified complaints about an incident, a criminal case and filing to the human rights authority.
• Submit requests to the government and non-government organizations to acquire the necessary evidence.
• Implementation of the representative rights of a victim or witness in a preliminary hearing, prosecution and trial, explaining the rights and providing other legal assistance.
• Submission of necessary applications, complaints, taps for a comprehensive, full and objective investigation of a criminal case.
• Filing a civil action in the case of material damage to the victim and providing comprehensive legal assistance in connection therewith.
• Appeals against decisions of the inquiry, investigation and judges

The Law Firm "VİZA" through its professional lawyers adequately represents rights and interests of their clients in courts of first, appellate and cassation of the Azerbaijan Republic, as well as other public and private structures.
If it is necessary in a civil case or administrative and economic disputes in courts of appeal, further to the constitutional court also criminal proceeding before, for the sake of the interests of their clients in complete form of Law Firm "VİZA" maintains close cooperation with the Law Office, Aslan Ismayilov and Partners.